We Love Kids and Kids Need Chiropractic Too!

Chiropractic adjusting techniques are modified to fit a child's size, weight, and unique spinal problem. The force needed to adjust an infant and child is so little, often infants are adjusted while sleeping and don't even wake up. Children at Family Chiropractic love being adjusted and are often the first one of the family on the adjusting table.


Parents often report that their children seem healthier than other kids their age. A research article by Dr. Wendy M. van Breda and Dr. Juan M. van Breda titled "A Comparative Study of the Health Status of Children Raised under the Health Care Models of Chiropractic and Allopathic Medicine" confirmed what Chiropractors have known for over 100 years. In this paper, "Two hundred pediatricians and two hundred Chiropractors that were randomly selected were surveyed to determine what, if any, differences were to be found in the health status of their respective children as raised under the different health care models. With usable responses of 35% from the Chiropractors and 36% from the pediatricians, analysis of the results indicates a definite correlation between Chiropractic care and superior health." (Taken from the Abstract)


The birth process may be one of the most traumatic events of our lives. It is the first physical trauma to our bodies. Even so called 'natural' birthing methods can stress a still developing spine. The resulting irritation to the nerve system can be the cause of many newborn health complaints: colic, unexplained crying, poor appetite, breathing problems, and allergic reactions. These and other childhood ailments often can be traced to nerve system dysfunction caused by a malfunctioning spine.

Lack of head support, followed by crawling, and a baby's first few steps should be followed by chiropractic checkups. If neglected, the bumps and falls during this period of rapid growth may lead to serious spinal deformities later in life. This can set the stage for scoliosis, "growing pains", and a weakened immune system response.

These Subluxations and Subluxation patterns left uncorrected can predispose the child to future body mal-functions and dis-eases. Many Subluxation patterns seen by Chiropractors are a result of uncorrected Subluxations from birth. When found ten, twenty, thirty or even seventy years later, the possibility of complete correction is drastically diminished.

Many spinal problems seen in adults begin in childhood. Proper spinal hygiene is an important key to better health. Do you know a child that could benefit from chiropractic care?

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