Services Offered by Your Beaumont Chiropractor

At Family Chiropractic Center, your Beaumont chiropractor wants you to feel your very best. That’s why we offer a variety of wellness services for your entire family.


We do our best to meet the unique needs of each of our patients by providing the following:

Chiropractic Care in Beaumont CA

We offer full service chiropractic care for adults in Beaumont, CA. Our caring chiropractor will develop a treatment plan to either address an acute or chronic issue you may be experiencing or simply devise an overall wellness plan for your daily health.

Family Wellness

Our caring team is dedicated to offering all stages of chiropractic wellness from pain relief to corrective care to daily preventive wellness. We treat everyone from infancy to those in their golden years.

Prenatal Chiropractic

We offer prenatal care through all stages of pregnancy, to your planning stage until birth. Aches due to soft tissues shifting can cause discomfort. Your Beaumont chiropractor can help with this. Prenatal care can help prevent blood pressure fluctuations, headaches and nausea to prevent taking medications. We use the hand held activator instrument which is an adjustment that is ideal for pregnant women

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

We encourage parents to bring their children in from infancy. We can help with birth trauma, earaches, the common cold, discomfort from growing pains and more. Rather than resort to medicine, chiropractic is a reliable and safe modality to keep your kids healthy.

Pain Management

We offer pain management for back pain and neck pain in Beaumont as well as auto accident, personal injury, sports injury and childhood injury. Laser therapy uses a laser beam to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation to treat damaged tissue by increasing blood flow and lympth thereby reducing the production of prostaglandins.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is ideal for herniated and misaligned disks. Sciatica is a common condition we use this light, detractive force for. Spinal decompression allows the spinal column to be stretched so nutrients can gain access to the region requiring healing.

Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Just after an auto injury is the best time to see us, especially if you have experienced whiplash. You may not be experiencing pain, but pain can take time to set in. Let us help you prevent pain or injury from occurring by coming to visit us immediately after your accident.

Personal and Work Related Injury Treatment

As with auto accidents, just following a personal and work related injury is the best time to come in for an evaluation. Slips, falls and dislocations that have occurred in the home or on the job are all treated well with chiropractic care.

Sports & Fitness Injury Treatment

We want you to enjoy the activities you love most in life. We know you don't want to be out of the game, so chiropractic care in Beaumont is your source for tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, knee issues, neck and pain, strains or sprains and breaks.

Neurologic and Orthopedic Examinations

Applied kinesiology utilizes muscle response testing. This helps us evaluate functional concerns that may precede disease- in this sense it can help prevent certain health concerns from developing.

Nutritional Counseling

During your visit we may suggest certain dietary or supplement suggestions. An example of this is our ionic cleansing that is used to restore the body's energy by improving its natural ability to detoxify.

Corrective Exercises

We will suggest exercises for you to perform between visits to help potentiate the care you receive from us.

Total Health scans - Diagnostics and Testing

We offer state of the art scans and diagnostic testing all under one roof for your convenience.

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