Chiropractic Care in Beaumont

We offer total chiropractic care ranging from wellness care to treatment for back pain in Beaumont, CA. Your treatment begins with a chiropractic consultation and examination. This way Drs. Wines and Nielson-Wines can get a full understanding of your physical pain or illness. If needed, we also use x-rays to diagnose your back or neck pain. Through chiropractic care we use a spinal adjustment to realign your spinal column. If you are suffering from herniated discs, slipped discs, or a pinched nerve, an adjustment can reposition the problematic areas.

All-Natural Pain Management Solutions

A great number of patients come to Family Chiropractic Wellness Center for pain management. Whether you are suffering from chronic pain due to nerve conditions, or you have pain caused by a car accident, we can help you manage this pain. We treat injuries including auto accidents, yard work, sports, and physical labor at work. By realigning your musculoskeletal system, you can reduce the inflammation of your nerves and muscles. We also use chiropractic methods for pain relief that reduce muscle tension and improve healing in the treated area.

Advanced Therapies for Back Pain in Beaumont

In order to provide you with comprehensive chiropractic care, we offer several advanced therapies. Applied kinesiology or muscle strength testing is used to treat illnesses based on muscles. Those muscles that are weak need to be built up to increase circulation and reduce ailments. We provide applied kinesiology for patients interested in alternative techniques for general health and wellness.

For chiropractic treatments we also use the activator method. This method involves a device called an activator that performs the chiropractic adjustment using specialized measurements. You can benefit from a more precise adjustment, which is ideal for the smallest muscles in the upper spine.

We also use cold laser therapy as a way to treat muscle pain including back pain and neck pain. Cold laser therapy involves a low heat level laser that transmits energy into certain areas of the body. This heat warms up the muscle and encourages natural healing. For patients who want to improve their health and promote physical healing, we recommend nutritional counseling. Through nutritional advice from your chiropractor, you can improve your health from the inside starting with your diet.

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