If You Suddenly Have Shoulder Pain, What Might Have Caused It?

If You Suddenly Have Shoulder Pain, What Might Have Caused It?

No one likes to suddenly find themselves with a mysterious injury. When the cause is unknown, you might be frustrated at not knowing what you did or what to stop doing as well as by the pain. Only a doctor who treats neck and shoulder pain can diagnose you, but here are some common causes of sudden-onset shoulder pain.

Sports Injuries

Repetitive motions are notorious for causing shoulder pain, and sports are often very repetitive. Tennis, swimming, basketball and more are common culprits when it comes to sudden Beaumont shoulder pain. Sudden shoulder pain in an athletic person might just be a muscle strain, but it’s best to see your Beaumont chiropractor to get a correct diagnosis.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

The majority of shoulder pain brought to a Beaumont chiropractor, like any other doctor, comes from rotator cuff injuries. The rotator cuff is the group of muscles, tendons and ligaments that together allow overhead movement of the shoulder joint. This soft tissue can be injured acutely by trauma or chronically by repeated movements from sports, work, or a hobby.

Auto Accident Injuries

Car accidents are responsible for a lot of neck pain in Beaumont. They are also responsible for a lot of shoulder and upper back pain. People who are wearing their seatbelts are safer from life-threatening injuries, but it can cause shoulder damage if the individual is thrown against it. Neck pain in Beaumont may come from the same type of motion, but it is likely due to the neck snapping forward and then back (or side to side) in the accident.

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