Welcome to Family Chiropractic Wellness Center

Welcome to Family Chiropractic Wellness Center, Your Chiropractor in Beaumont, CA

We are excited to be a part of your family as your Beaumont, CA chiropractor. Here at Family Chiropractic Wellness Center we promote total health and wellness for all ages. Learn more about what to expect with chiropractic care in Beaumont, CA.

What Kind of Chiropractic care in Beaumont, CA Do You Offer?

We provide comprehensive chiropractic care in Beaumont, CA. As your chiropractic doctors we complete chiropractic adjustments and spinal decompression. We also provide extensive alternative therapies including myofascial release and electrical muscle stimulation.

Do You Provide Neck and Back Pain Relief Using Chiropractic Methods?

Yes, we do provide pain relief for neck and back pain, as well as for joint pain and nerve pain. Using chiropractic techniques, we are able to identify the source of the inflammation and pain to start treatment. Thanks to a holistic approach, we help your body heal, by tending to the problem and providing pain relieving therapies. This reduces the amount of pain and suffering you will have to experience.

How Often Should I Visit the Family Chiropractic Wellness Center?

Every person is unique in the amount of chiropractic treatment needed. However, in general, you want to get an adjustment at least once a year. For individuals with pain or injuries including sports injuries and work injuries, more frequent chiropractic care of once per week may be needed. Your chiropractor will create a treatment program that best suits your lifestyle and treatment needs.

Wellness Care in Beaumont, CA

As your leading provider of wellness care in Beaumont, CA, Family Chiropractic Wellness Center has plenty to offer. Whether it is your first time at a chiropractor or you are ready to give our chiropractors a try, we are ready to assist you. Contact our office today to set up your appointment!

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